Research and Professional Information

I finished a Ph.D. at the University of Washington in December 2005 and then worked through May 2007 as a contractor for AFRL Edwards through Advatech Pacific. After that I moved to Boulder Colorado and currently work at Tech-X corporation where I am the 'USim Architect'.  USim started out as a very flexible fluid plasma simulation tool, but it will likely be used for many other things in the coming years.

USim was formerly called Nautilus, but the name was changed as a result of trademark issues.

Here are a few publications that have used the code, however it's best to just download the code and try the examples.  Also, a lot of code details are described in the documentation.

Nautilus: A Tool For Modeling Fluid Plasmas John Loverich et al.
51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting including the New Horizons Forum and Aerospace Exposition, 2013

PDF of preprint

Modeling and Simulation of Weakly Ionized Plasmas Using Nautilus, Madhusudhan Kundrapu et al.
51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting including the New Horizons Forum and Aerospace Exposition, 2013

PDF of preprint

John Loverich and Ammar Hakim. "Two-dimensional modeling of ideal merging plasma jets." Journal of fusion energy 29.6 (2010): 532-539.

PDF of preprint

In addition, USim is currently being used to perform modeling for Icarus Interstellar.  The first use of USim for that project is described here

IAC Paper

A number of other applications with fewer code details are linked below.

"Experimental characterization of the stagnation layer between two obliquely merging supersonic plasma jets", Elizabeth C. Merritt, Auna L. Moser, Scott C. Hsu, John Loverich, Mark Gilmore

PDF of preprint

"Multi-chord fiber-coupled interferometry of supersonic plasma jets and comparisons with synthetic data", Elizabeth C. Merritt, Alan G. Lynn, Mark A. Gilmore, Carsten Thoma, John Loverich, Scott C. Hsu

PDF of preprint

Application of the 10-moment multi-fluid model in USim is published in the paper

"Time-domain simulation of nonlinear radiofrequency phenomena" Thomas G. Jenkins, Travis M. Austin, David N. Smithe, John Loverich, and Ammar H. Hakim

Link to Physics of Plasmas PDF

Also while at Tech-X I've worked on the other big code VORPAL now called VSim. I contributed to the particle emission infrastructure of that code particularly for conformal boundaries.

Here is an unpublished overview of that work

Emission Overview PDF

We also worked on trying to model Hall thrusters using PIC codes (OOPIC and later VORPAL)

"Predicting Hall Thruster Opeartional Lifetime Using a Kinetic Plasma Model and a Molecular Dynamics Simulation", 46th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference & Exhibit, Yongjun Choi,Sudhakar Mahlingam, John Loverich, Peter Messmer

Pre Tech-X work:

J. Loverich and Jean-Luc Cambier, "A Discontinous Galerkin Method for the Hall-MHD Equations", Unpublished, but potentially useful. 

PDF of preprint

J. Loverich and U. Shumlak, "Non-Linear Full Two-Fluid Study of Instabilities in an Axisymmetric Z-Pinch", Submitted to Physics of Plasmas
PDF of preprint

J. Loverich, A. Hakim, U. Shumlak, "A Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Ideal Two-Fluid Plasma Equations", Submitted to SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing
PDF of preprint

A. Hakim, J. Loverich, U. Shumlak, "A High Resolution Wave Propagation Scheme for Ideal Two-Fluid Plasma Equations", Submitted to Journal of Computational Physics
PDF of preprint

J. Loverich, U. Shumlak, "A Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Two-Fluid Plasma Model", Computer Physics Communications - CCP2004 Conference Proceedings.
PDF of preprint

U. Shumlak, J. Loverich, "Approximate Riemann solver for the two-fluid plasma model" Journal of Computational Physics 187 (2003) 620-638.

Public Conferences Papers, Posters and Presentations - (AFRL Edwards / Advatech Pacific)

J. Loverich and J-L. Cambier,"Discontinuous Galerkin methods for fluid plasma modeling with applications to plasmoid accelerators", SIAM Conference on computational science and engineering, Costa Mesa California, February 22nd, 2007
PDF of Presentation

J. Loverich and J-L. Cambier , "A Plasma Algorithm for Plasmoid Accelerator Modeling", APS Division of Plasma Physics, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, October 30 - November 4th, 2006
PDF of Poster


J. Loverich, "A Discontinuous Galerkin Algorithm for the Two-Fluid Plasma Model with Application to the Z-Pinch"
PDF of dissertation

Masters Thesis

A Finite Volume Algorithm for the Two-Fluid Plasma System in One Dimension
PDF of Masters thesis